Vicky Hartzler for United States Senate – Republican Support for Sportsmen  

  • A lifelong resident of Missouri and a Small Business owner.
  • Public school teacher where she was Co-Director of the At-Risk Teens program, Launched the Missouri Drug-Free initiative.
  • Lifelong farmer elected to the United States Congress in 2011 and Reelected to Congress in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021.
  • Hartzler is a candidate for the Republican nomination to the US. Senate.
Vickey Hartzler, Republican Senate Nominee in Missouri for the August 2022 Primary Election, Hartzler is a lifelong resident of Missouri and a Small Business owner.

By David Gray

If you love to hunt, target shoot, and value the rights provided by the Second Amendment, that is – to keep and bear arms, please read more about Vicky Hartzler, the Republican party candidate for U.S. Senate, in this interview.  Learn about her answers about the right to keep and bear arms. Many in the State of Missouri say that if Vicky Hartzler could join Missouri Senator Josh Hawley in the US. Senate, it would be a Missouri Dream Team for defending Second Amendment rights.

Interview with Vicky Hartzler (courtesy of               

Question: You have been called an authentic conservative.  What is an authentic conservative?

Vicky Hartzler Answer: “A person that has conservative values in their heart and always acts accordingly.”

Question: Why do you want to be a Senator from the state of Missouri?

Vicky Hartzler Answer: “To serve the people of the state and fight to stop socialism so that people can pursue their dreams. Right now, that is being interfered with.”

Question:  What is America’s Greatness?

Vicky Hartzler Answer: “Our values of faith, family and freedom.”

QuestionYou have been a Congressional Representative from the 4th District in Missouri. Is a Senator a “representative” or afree thinker” elected to do whatever they want?  What is your position on that?

Vicky Hartzler Answer: “A Senator is still a public servant. The only thing that will change for me as a Senator is that I will represent the entire state.“

Question: Our Second Amendment says, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Is there any infringement of the second amendment you would consider supporting?

Vicky Hartzler Answer: “NO.  In fact, we see in other countries that when their (citizen) gun rights are infringed, their other rights soon get infringed.”

Question:  When I say the word America what is in your heart and immediately comes to mind?

Vicky Hartzler Answer: “Pride, gratefulness, the experience of freedom, and to make the most of our opportunities.”

Question:  When I say the word Missouri what comes to mind?

Vicky Hartzler Answer: “Love of Missouri, farms, small towns, industries and cities on each end that are good places.”

 Question.  What is your favorite Outdoor Activity?

Vicky Hartzler Answer:  It used to be grabbing the fishing rod and going to the pond.  Now it’s a walk in the woods on our farm. It’s so peaceful and pleasant activity.   

 Question:  The Missouri Department of Conservation is the envy of all other states as the model for excellence in conservation management.  The Missouri Conservation Department is overseen by a citizen’s commission.  Almost every year a small group of state legislators introduces a bill to strip away the citizen’s control of the Conservation Department and place it the control of state government.  Of course, this is a state issue and not one that would come before the United States Senate, but as an individual Missourian, what are your thoughts on that?

 Vicky Hartzler Answer:  Missouri does have the best conservation model that works in the best interests of all the citizens.  It is the conservation model that is the envy of many other states and should not be changed. 

After the interview, the following endorsement for Vicky Hartzell from Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was announced.

Endorsement from Josh Hawley Senator Missouri.

“For almost a year I’ve been asked who I intend to vote for in the [Missouri Senate] Primary this August. Well, I’ve made up my mind. I’ll be supporting Vicky Hartzell. Vicky has the integrity, the heart, and the toughness to represent Missouri.  I can’t wait to work with her.”

Vicky Hartzler Career Information

  • A lifelong resident of Missouri.
  • Small business owner
  • Public school teacher where she was Co-Director of the At-Risk Teens program
  • Lifelong farmer
  • Launched the Missouri Drug-Free initiative
  • Elected to the United States Congress in 2011
  • Reelected to Congress in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021.

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