Why Does Grandpa Love to Fish?

  • A love story about fishing, grandpa and grandkids
  • Colorful, thoughtful, heartfelt…a great gift

By David Gray

It’s a Super Book and more.

It is a short story, well-written with the passion and message that all fishermen will immediately understand.

Why Does Grandpa love to Fish will touch you. It will bring a tear to the eye of many Grandpa’s.

The story will make you smile on the outside and on the inside. You will want to read it more than once, it’s that good.

Grandpas will want to read it to their grandchildren. The Grandkids will say when are we going fishing Grandpa? The best music ever for the ears and the hearts of every Grandpa.

Back in the day, a TV commercial said, “Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s Superman!”

After my first read of author Curt Wilkinson’s book, “Why Does Grandpa Love to Fish,” I thought to myself – look, this is such a great book! No, it’s a great gift! No, it is a cherished family keepsake for every grandpa!

When Mr. Wilkinson asked me to share my opinion on this new title, I agreed out of politeness, but with some reservation. It is not easy to pen a really good fishing book, but his book is so much more than a fishing book, because fishing is so much more than just about fishing.

Curt wanted to know if I thought the book was good enough for stores to stock and if it would sell. My reservations went away with the first page. The book delivered so much more than I could ever have imagined. Yes Curt, this book will sell. Thank you for creating it!

The graphics drawn by Curt are very pleasing. The hard cover and printing are top quality. After I read the book I shared it with others, every comment was, “I love this book. “

I suggest placing a photo of the grandkids in the front of the book or even better, on the dedicated space at the end of the story reserved for a photo of Grandpa. Perhaps include a short message that Grandpa will understand.

Created and written by Curt Wilkinson in honor of his two Grandpa’s, the book sells for $14.95 and for every Grandpa that has taken his grandson’s and granddaughter’s fishing, a copy received from them will be worth a million smiles.

You can order a copy at www.blueparkbooks.com

I know many Grandpa’s that will be putting “Why Does Grandpa Love to Fish” on their gift and wish lists.

Click to hear a narration and see more about this book from a grandchild….