Shooting Range…Building Out Your Kit, Go Prepared

  • Want to have a more successful and safe shooting range trip? Make sure you’ve got the right gear
By Blake Tabb
  Do you want to have a more successful and safer shooting range trip? Make sure you’ve got the right gear! Preparation for range day begins with the right range bag and ends with it being filled with all the things you need to have a fun and productive day.
  The right range bag is the Ulfhednar UH010 Long Day Range Bag. It’s designed in Norway from ultra-tough Cordura nylon, with best-in-class YKK covered zippers and an ergonomic carrying strap with a non-slip material, so it will stay snugged up against your shoulder no matter how far you have to walk. A large exterior side pocket has a fold flat “table” with a soft pad for small cleaning/repair jobs, and there are even more, well-padded exterior and interior pockets. The Molle system on top and on one side makes attaching and removing extra pockets and accessories quick and easy. The bag measures a generous 23.6 x 15.75 x 9.85 inches, and is Ulfhednar’s signature grey. It’s built Viking tough to last a lifetime.
Being steady is a must for long-range precision rifle shooting, which means you need a support from which you can rest both the rifle’s forend and buttstock. Properly resting the buttstock is best achieved with a squeeze-type pillow, which is placed under the buttstock and slightly squeezed to allow it to expand to fine-tune the elevation position of the rifle on the target. Ulfhednar’s UH105 Squeezy Support Pillow is perfect for the task. Measuring 3 x 4.3 inches and weighing just 12 ounces, it’s made from a soft, yet rugged, neoprene material, and has easy access to customize. It’s the choice of many serious competition shooters around the globe.
  How about a sling? The Ulfhednar UH303 sling is so much more than an inexpensive rifle carrier. This sling features PRS non-elastic web and adjustable cam-buckle so you can adjust the sling length quickly; one of the two solid plastic clamps adjusts the total length of the loop, the other locks the loop around the arm. Together they ensure that once an adjustment has been made, it will stay there until you physically change it. The sling is also so light that it is not felt on your arm. It’s been designed to help keep you steady in all shooting positions.
  To carry ammunition and stack it next to your shooting position for quick and easy access, the Ulfhednar UH110 Versatile Ammunition Folder is made from water-resistant Cordura nylon. It features a durable carrying strap and holds up to 40 rifle cartridges. It can be set up in a triangle and locked with Velcro. There’s also an exterior waterproof table pocket that can be removed and replaced with the four included cartridge strips, each holding 10 rounds each. Two and two cartridge strips can be mounted together so that you get two cartridge strips with 20 shots in each.
You also need a rifle case. Usually, a rifle case is a rifle case, but how about a gun case that doubles as a top-end shooting mat? That’s what you get with the Ulfhednar UH040 BASE CAMP. Sporting backpack straps on the underside in addition to a top carrying handle. The UH040 is easy to sling on a shoulder and tote to the range or into the field. Once there, the bag folds out to reveal a full-length shooting mat measuring 41 x 79 inches. While an integrated shooting mat is pretty useful on its own, Ulfhednar takes it to another level by utilizing a rubber material (like you’d see in car tires) on certain surfaces of the mat to add friction. The rubber is laid specifically on the mat to give shooters a little resistance while shooting, so shooters’ elbows and/or the firearm itself doesn’t slip when firing. The product also has a lot of storage pockets, Molle web for attaching extra pockets or other equipment, a zippered inner storage pocket, a channel for storing your cleaning/push rod, and a detachable pocket for tables, and it also comes with a two-foot extension lower leg mat and extended bipod mat. It’s made from Cordura nylon and features covered YKK zippers.
About Ulfhernar – Ruggedized Norwegian produced precision shooting gear. Founded and managed by a
40-year champion shooter, Ulfhednar is producing a line of products that are incredibly innovative, durable, and exactly in time with the growing PRS market in the US. Long Range/PRS are the largest shooting sports in Norway boasting 6,000 registered competitors. 
For more information, please visit WWW.ULFHEDNAR.NO.


  • Help Your Shotgun Shoot Where You Look, Get it Fitted.
  • Tune Your Fitted Shotgun With the Right Choke
  • Choke Tubes are a Shooters Best Friend…Learn More

By Blake Tabb

Understanding chokes, pellet density, range, and percent of pellets on target at a variety of ranges will make you more successful on the target range or the next time a flock of big honkers descend on your blind.

The excited chatter of big honkers descending on the blind echoes through your head like a reoccurring dream. The big birds cup their wings, drop their feet and start to backpedal for a landing and are so close you can see the ridges on their tongues when they honk. The command is yelled to “take them!”-hunters emerge from blinds. Who can hit a moving target that can change direction in a fraction of a second?

The straight shooters in the crowd and those at the trap and skeet range are the ones who have a shotgun that fit properly. The fit of a shotgun is considerably more important than it is with rifles. The basics of shooting come into play, where a rifle is aimed, a shotgun is pointed. Your eye creates the critical line down the barrel and acts the same as the rear sight on a rifle. If your shotgun fits properly and you can mount it to your shoulder the same every time, the result should be that your shotgun shoots where you look.

The main considerations are the length of pull, drop at the comb and at the heel, but for most, it’s not critical to know those dimensions. Most important is that you mount your shotgun so your eye looks straight down the barrel where you should see the bead, but not the top surface of the rib. Many shotguns on the market come with a spacer kit and adjustable combs to help ensure a proper fit.

When your shotgun is shooting where you are looking, you can maximize your hit rate by utilizing different choke tubes. Trulock Choke Tubes specializes in constriction tubes that maximize the effective shot pattern at a specific distance and for a particular target.

Hunters often carry an assortment of chokes to maximize their shotgun pattern on decoying birds or those birds that might be a little decoy shy. Trap, skeet, and sporting clay shooters can benefit greatly by packing a close-range choke like a cylinder, skeet or improved cylinder or a mid-range choke such as skeet 2 or modified choke to break intermediate range targets.

It’s easy to spot a shooter who uses a shotgun that fits. More birds fall from the sky and more clays shatter into pieces. Choke tubes are a hunter or target shooter’s best front-end offense to hitting more targets.

Explore the many options of choke tubes to fit most shotguns at

The staff at Trulock Chokes prides itself on providing excellent service and an excellent line of products. In the event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a refund or exchange within 60 days from the date of purchase – with other firms, the moment you open it, you own it. For more information, please visit WWW.TRULOCKCHOKES.COM.