Bear Hunting BANNED in British Columbia

  • 100 Outfitters Negatively Impacted
                                  Photo courtesy of Guide Outfitters of British Columbia (

One week ago, we learned from the Guide Outfitters of British Columbia ( that the provincial government announced the complete ban on grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia (BC).

Two independent scientific reviews confirmed that grizzly bears are well managed in British Columbia.  Experts estimating that there is a healthy population of approximately 15,000 grizzly bears.  Strict hunting regulations have been in place since 1976 and the harvest rate is consistently at 2%, well below the sustainable harvest rate of 6%.  In the Auditor General’s report, Carol Bellringer stated, “The greatest threat to grizzly bears is not hunting, but rather, human activities that degrade grizzly habitat.”

In August Minister Donaldson said, “It’s not about the numbers. It’s a matter of society that has come to the point in BC where they are no longer in favour of the grizzly bear trophy hunt.”

“It is truly disappointing that we throw history and science out the window,” says Michael Schneider, president of the GOABC.  “We expect our government to make informed decisions for wildlife conservation based on the best facts and best available science.  Emotional decisions have great risk of unintended consequences.”

About 100 outfitting businesses will be negatively impacted by this decision; many will not be able to survive the financial loss.   For more information, contact Scott Ellis at (604) 541-6332.

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