Want Excitement? Try a Winter Wolf Hunt


Pure and simple, I hate wolves.  It’s beyond me how anyone can profess a love and respect wildlife yet support these merciless killers.  Hunting in packs, wolves kill whatever animals they want, but mostly prey on big game in deep snow where they become helpless and of course calves and fawns too, who don’t stand a chance.


Animal rights groups make wolf hunting difficult in the USA, yet Canada offers a liberal season on both wolves and coyotes.  Ironically, wolf hunts are very specialized and only a few outfitters offer them at a reasonable price.  The exception is Keith Atcheson of Jack Atcheson & Sons booking agency.  I’ve hunted with Keith and his wife Nikki and can attest that they know their stuff.  Here’s their offering that’s the perfect break for cabin fever and a high adventure in one of Canada’s most beautiful areas:

We get quite a bit of hunters inquiring about wolf hunts but in reality there are not many successful outfitters out there offering this type of hunt. The few outfitters that do offer this type of hunt charge in excess of $8 to $10K.   

However, we have an outfitter that we have been working with on Bighorn sheep and trophy deer hunts, and this hard core hard working young man has some very good wolf hunts he wants to run between now and the end of March 2016.  His partner has had 80% success on hunts for themselves and friends.  If you have the time and interest to go to northern Alberta, brave the cold and experience the “Call of the Wild” this might be it.

Cost is $3800 per hunter US dollars for 6 days of hunting.  Full lodging and meals provided at the remote ranch setting.  Fly commercially to Grand Prairie, Alberta. 

These hunts will be taking place to the northeast around the Peace River. They have heated blinds used for bait hunting and if you get tired of sitting in a blind, then they we will locate the wolves and call them in with voice or electronic calling.  There are lots of wolves here with many colorations many being black.


Bow hunters are welcome and the guide has been successful in this pursuit.

License is $68.22, Wolf per tag $12.40. CHEAP!!! Pelts will be prime as well.

There will be a $250 trophy fee for any additional wolf above the one included in the hunt and you can buy several tags.  If you don’t want to sit on the bait, it will be a 2 on 1 guided hunt using snowmobiles and ATV’s and trucks. This may allow better success because usually there is more than one wolf in a pack responding to calls. This is quite exciting to say the least.

This is a winter hunt so it maybe be very cold or you might be lucky and catch an Alberta Clipper so plan accordingly. It should be a “Howling” good time!

February and March also offer many sporting shows, chief among them the NRA Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  These events often assemble multiple outfitters from around the world and offer another chance to book a wolf hunt.  A few outfitters may advertise wolf or predator hunts, but don’t be hesitant to ask if one can be arranged.  Canada has amazingly high coyote populations and hunters often see them driving to and from deer hunting areas.  Typically, they aren’t shot for fear of scaring deer or consuming valuable time getting to a stand.

In late winter and early spring, you can concentrate on predators specifically, you’ll get to see Canada at it’s most beautiful and success will challenge shooting skills, both close and long range.  Best of all, every wolf or coyote you kill saves the life of other animals that don’t consider themselves dog food.

For information on Jack Atcheson wolf hunts, contact Jack Atcheson & Sons, Inc.  3210 Ottawa Street Butte, Montana 59701, 406-782-2382 (office), 406-723-3318 (fax), office@atcheson.com * www.atcheson.com.

Wolf size varies, yet large males are equivalent to an average human and color phases vary from white to grey to black. Don’t skimp on caliber size. You will need a flat shooting rifle in a deer-size caliber and your best optics for best results.