Orleans County/Lake Ontario Fishing Report

This week’s fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, March 19, 2019.

Temperatures are improving for this mid-week period with highs forecast in the 30’s or 40°F.  There is a chance of rain showers going to snow showers toward the end of the week.  Overall it looks like a break towards more spring-like conditions.  Flows are all pretty typical of springtime, higher and stained.  Just what steelhead like for fresh migrations and staging to spawn.  Even a tiny water temp warm-up is likely to bring some steelhead to gravel.  There is still ice cover on Lake Alice and when that goes away look for warming temperatures in the Oak.  Flows for now are high with about 1 – 2 ft of visibility.  Flows look wide open in the turbine channel with diminished overflow water.  Look for continued high-ish flows in the Oak, maybe falling back to toward just slightly high.

Reports are of some hookups at the dam.  Some guys are still plying the downstream frog water that is pretty big and froggy thanks to rising big Lake O levels.  All that heavy fast water in between will take careful big and deep and slow drifts or swings for hook up chances.

The other area smaller tributaries are medium to slightly high and stained with about 1 foot of visibility.  For now before any new significant precipitation occurs, those flows are dropping and clearing.  Look for warming water temperatures at the Oak with the window of steelhead spawning sooner then later.  There’s always the chance for some drop back browns or some fresh silver browns.  Any kind of high water fish could be well upstream in the system.

Provided by Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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Orleans County, New York – Lake Ontario & Tribs, Lake Alice

By Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

All of the area tributary flows are on the rise from a couple days of warm temps.  The warm temps have caused more snow melt, whereby most of the area snow pack and snow piles have gone away, except for protected woods.

Smaller tributaries are high and dirty now and with any future blown flows they should pretty much open up completely from any ice and debris.  Look for flows on the Oak to be similarly on the rise with the chance for some overflow and dirtier water color thru about the mid part of this week, if all the forecasted precipitation is realized. 

Fishermen are out now finding fishable conditions and were out thru the past weekend.  Steelhead action is on and off, not too hot and heavy, most guys getting a few hook-ups thru a day’s effort.

Seems like when the flows were more stained about a week+ ago, there were more hook ups.  Any future higher and dirtier flows could draw in some late winter and early spring fresh fish to our streams, with hopefully, some good action thru February and March.

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From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County, let’s make everyday a great fishing day right here in Orleans County!

Provided by the Team at Orleans County Tourism