King Salmon in Orleans County

Another happy angler caught this 26#, 38″ King with Tri-State Charters/Free Spirit Sportfishing. Nice job!

By Capt. John Oravec

They’re back! The Orleans County waters of Lake Ontario once again are teaming with big hungry king salmon. The first key area you want to hit are the 85 to 125 feet of water between the “Pump House” – a long troll – to the Little House”.  Every time the wind turns to the west, schools of matures show up. The fishing depths to rig your lure may range from 40 to 80 feet down. Myself, I am staying with an “O” Frawg spoon program. Yesterday, Ohio anglers hit them – slob to 26 # including 3 double headers! Many good boats (“rec” and charter) are having terrific action in this area. It is hot!

The Oak’s offshore waters 26.5 to 29.5 lines – that’s 280 to 500 ft of water are even hotter lately. The charters Pisces, Irish Thunder, and Reel Excitement were heard talking about crazy good action on the multi-year class king and whopper steelhead whenever safe, calm conditions allow venturing to the shipping lanes. Always keep with the fleet especially when out deep, ok! 

So there you have it! It’s a terrific August set up at the “Oak”! All ramps are open, marinas, restaurants, lodging and tackle shops are here to help visiting anglers get in on the best fishing in a decade! The Rotary Derby, as well as the LOC Derby, are underway AND FREE FISHING, courtesy of New York State, goes on through Labor Day, thanks to Governor Cuomo.

Capt John “Troutman” Oravec whoa gotta go! We got another big one on!

Notes from Orleans County Tourism:

  • We’re happy to report that Capt. John “Troutman” Oravec has returned from his sabbatical and he will resume providing weekly fishing reports.
  • This Saturday, August 17th is the first annual Keith Poland Memorial Derby – part of the King of the Oak series. Register in person at Ernst’s Lake Breeze Marina.
  • The LOC Fall Derby began this past week and runs until Labor Day, Sept. 2nd. For more info, visit
  • The Albion Rotary Fishing Derby (formerly Orleans County Derby) ends this Sunday, August 18th.  For more info, visit  Click to view the leaderboard.
  • Governor Cuomo is giving New York residents and visitors an opportunity to cast a line this summer in some of the best fishing spots in the state – Lake Ontario (including the Lower Niagara River) and the St. Lawrence River – even if they don’t have a fishing license. Through September 2, 2019, all anglers are able to fish the New York waters of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River without needing to purchase a state fishing license. Read more at the DEC website:

Orleans County, NY – Fishing Report from Capt. John Oravec of Tight Lines Charters, August 21, 2018.

Capt. Johnny Oravec is a 43 year veteran of Orleans County charter captain of the 33 foot Trojan the "Troutman 2".

Giant Brown Trout caught off the 50′ Ledge by Cleveland Angler “Big Pat”

Long days + heavy catches + loads of high quality silver fish = the “High Season” for anglers that are visiting and fishing the Trout and Salmon Grounds of Orleans County! Longtime known as “Home of the King”, the ongoing migration offers all year classes of Chinook plus a “mambo” brown trout ledge fishery.

Right now, mature Kings…15 to 22 pound average (yes, the Sharks!), are staging along 20 miles off the Orleans County coast. Search the 45 to 100 foot drop offs.  Take advantage of boat launch access at Bald Eagle, Golden Hill and of course the “Oak”, public as well at the East Lake Breeze ramp.

Tactically, try mixing a flasher, fly rig or flasher – cut bait set up on wire Dipsies, keeping spoons on the riggers for big Browns. Try bright glow, chartreuse, frog patterns that local merchants like Narby’s carry along with the fresh herring, aka “meat”.

The offshore at 250 -500 feet is again a consistent band for medium Kings, coho and steelhead.  Please try to release steelhead for breeding. Everything is hitting 40 to 70 down. A Long Island boat, Total Chaos, reported big coho over 600 ft. 

The LOC Derby is underway so make sure to support and enter. Follow minimum weigh-in sizes, release a few and have fun.

Now go get ’em!

Captain John Oravec  

Tight Lines Charters
1857 Countyline Rd * Lyndonville, NY 14098
boat/mobile 585-590-2045 

Capt Johnny Oravec is a 43 year veteran of Orleans County charter captain of the 33 foot Trojan the “Troutman 2”. Capt Johnny has been helping Great Lakes anglers learn and develop fishing techniques by writing for the In Fisherman Magazine TV and Radio.

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Orleans County Fishing Report – Sep. 19, 2017

  • Weather Warm-Up will Cool-Down Lake Ontario Fish Movement in Trib’s
  • Archer’s Club Tourney Coming Up on the “Oak,” see Details
  • Smallmouth Fishing Good on Lake Alice

Today is Tuesday September 19, 2017.

Well it looks like we are in for another long stretch of pleasant summerlike weather conditions.  This should slow down the migration of trout and salmon towards their spawning grounds just a bit.

Early morning and late evening fishing from the pier heads have been fairly productive, as has been trolling the “wall” at those times.

There are still a good number of fish and bait in the 70 to 200 feet of water range for those who still have boats in the water.

This past weekend I was at a function at the Archers Club and conditions never looked better.  There is a good water flow throughout the entire area which should make for some fantastic fishing this fall.  They also have made some great improvements to the facilities in the enlarged kitchen area.

Mark on your calendar October 18th, 19th and 20th for the St. Mary’s Archers Club Catch and Release Fly Fishing Derby.  This great event features 3 days of great fishing, fantastic food and some wonderful prizes, truly an event not to be missed.

With the warm up, fishing in the lower stretches of the “Oak”, Lake Alice and the Erie Canal has slowed a bit except for the smallmouth bass fishing.  That will all change once some cooler temperatures return to our area.

Initial reports from the DEC creel census folks look like this has been one of the highest catch rate years for trout and salmon they have ever seen.  This proves, once again, that Lake Ontario and its tributaries are alive and very healthy, even with the little extra water Mother Nature has given us.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County.  We try to make everyday a great fishing day in Orleans County.




Fishing Report: Orleans County, New York

  • Lake Ontario Tributaries: Bank Ice, Nasty Wind
  • Wind and Snow Storm Conditions

Today is Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

It may only be 6 days until spring on the calendar, but Mother Nature has some different ideas.

The wind and snow of the past few days continues today with high winds, lake effect snow and cold temperatures which are keeping traveling almost impossible, and fishing just a fleeting thought.

Most tributaries within Orleans County have at least some bank ice and with the colder temperatures will continue to ice over. The temperature will not rise above the freezing mark until possibly Friday, but then will dip again next week.

Northwest winds are keeping Lady O riled up and will do so for at least the rest of today.

Fish seem to be smarter than we are because I’m sure that right now they have found a quiet place to hang out until conditions greatly improve.

Assembling the pens for the pen rearing project is still scheduled for April 1st at Ernst’s Lake Breeze Marina, so come out and help our continued success with this project.

Remember there are only 52 more days until the Spring LOC Derby begins.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County.  We try to make everyday a great fishing day in Orleans County.  Email:

Fishing Report: Orleans County, New York Lake Ontario, Lake Alice, Erie Canal for October 6, 2016

The cooler temperatures of the past few days have the salmon population slowly moving towards their spawning grounds. The biggest concentration of salmon on the “Oak” seems to be by the deep hole at the bridges area.

Later this week we will be experiencing even more cool down which should speed up the pre-spawn movement.

Water levels on all of the tributaries within Orleans County are at slightly below levels to low levels for this time of year. With no great amount of precipitation in the near future these levels should remain.

On Lake Alice, Bluegills are still being taken by the Waterport Bridge and now some Crappie are starting to show up. Bass are becoming more active and should increase in activity as temperatures cool down.

Don’t miss out on some great fishing, food, friends and prizes at the St. Mary’s Archer’s Club Catch and Release Derby which will be held on October 19th to the 21st this year. It is truly one of the great events of the fall fishing season. Visit the weigh station, Narby’s Superette – to sign up, see Sharon Narburgh, 1292 Oak Orchard Rd. (RTE 98), Kent, NY 14477, or call 585-682-4624.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County. We try to make everyday a great fishing day in Orleans County.


Fishing Report: Orleans County, New York Lake Ontario, Lake Alice for September 15, 2016

The weather for the next week or so seems to have higher than normal daytime temperatures and cooler than normal night time temperatures, or at least that is what the weathermen say.

There doesn’t seem to be much action on our portion of Lake Ontario, but the pier fishermen are starting to get some hook-ups. With the shorter days and longer nights water temperatures should start dropping towards that magic number to signal the start of the spawning migration for trout and salmon. With September also half gone, tributary fishermen are preparing for what should be a great tributary season.

This is also the time of year when many fishermen’s minds and hearts start turning towards hunting season.

On Lake Alice there has been an upswing in the Bluegill catch rate and also the sizes of the catch especially around the Waterport Bridge area. Also the bass fishing productivity has increased due to some cooler water temperatures.

Please remember that the St. Mary’s Archers Club Catch and Release Tournament will be held from October 19th to the 21st this year. It’s a great time for some great competition, fantastic food and some of the finest tributary fishing to be found anywhere.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County. We try to make everyday a great fishing day in Orleans County.


Orleans County Fishing Report


Lake Ontario, Point Breeze, Oak Orchard River, Lake Alice 

Once we get thru the cold temperatures of last night, more spring like conditions will come into play.  I mean after all May 1st is this coming Sunday.  The Erie Canal opened today, just slightly early of their normal opening date.

On Lake Alice both Bluegills and Crappie have been fairly active along with bass.  Please remember that opening day of bass season is not until the 3rd Saturday in June, so for now it’s catch and immediately release.  Also on the tributaries within Orleans County Bullhead are still being taken by those who know their super-secret hideouts.

On Lake Ontario, the system seems to be fish for brown trout when the mud line is present and if it’s not go out for lake trout.  Over the past few days the surface temperature has dropped about 5 degrees with those wonderful northerly winds.

The story at the Niagara Bar is this weather pattern has kept the Kings from turning on yet, but that could change very quickly with some favorable winds.  The cooler temperatures also mean that we may be able to keep our pen fish a little longer so please give a helping hand with the feeding and cleaning of the pens.

As always, this summer is filled with some of the very best fishing derbies and tournaments you can find anywhere covering all of Lake Ontario.   Why not join in on all of the fun and the possibility of cashing in on some very impressive prizes.  From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA, and the rest of Orleans County, let’s make everyday a great fishing day right here in Orleans County.

Orleans County Tourism
14016 Route 31, West Albion, NY   14411