Learn about Saltwater Fishing…for Kids, Adults (online/interactive fun game)

  • Get hooked on marine conservation with an interactive online game
  • Easy to use, fun to watch, educational, instructive 
  • For kids and adults

By Forrest Fisher (in support of Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission for Educational Youth Outreach).

As students return to the classroom for the new 2022 school year, educators and parents can encourage continued learning about conservation and the outdoors through the fun of fishing. Check out the “Gone Fishin” game below! 

Click on “Let’s Go Fishing,” and the game takes you to another screen where you can choose fishing By Boat or By Shore. Very cool.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), in partnership with “Pubbly,” a digital education company, created five interactive games that engage and educate students on marine fisheries conservation. Jump in and make a splash this school year with interactive games today at FloridaFishing.Pubbly.com. 

Take a virtual fishing trip, match habitats with Florida fish species, remove trash and invasive lionfish from a reef, learn proper fish handling techniques and complete a virtual fish dissection.

From above, I choose “By Shore,” and the game takes us to a checklist of things to bring along (see below, on the left). As you click on each item, an illustration pops up and provides a useful and friendly audio message with details to know. Very cool.

Games are geared for fourth grade and up but can be enjoyed by students and adults of all ages. Once you finish the checklist and click “Ready,” the screen changes to a beach scene where the viewer can cast a line, catch a fish, learn about catch and release or keep and clean. Very cool.

One other very useful item is fish identification. There are many species of saltwater fish that swim in saltwater. Many of them are similar, but the program provides pictures and explanations about the fish.

Click on the picture to lean more about Lane Snapper. Many other species are provided in the Fish ID portion of the saltwater outreach and education programs. See the link at the left.

These activities bring marine science to your fingertips, providing accessible education to your home or classroom and tips to use when you head out on your saltwater fishing trips. Very cool.

Learn more about FWC’s saltwater outreach and education programs at MyFWC.com/Marine by clicking “Outreach & Education Programs.” There are multiple programs to help everyone learn more about fishing in saltwater (freshwater too).  For questions, contact Marine@MyFWC.com or 850-487-0554. 

Click on the picture above to reach this FWC education outreach page.


Your purchase of fishing equipment, motorboat fuel and a fishing license supports aquatic education and outreach efforts. Learn more at MyFWC.com/SFR. See more about the details of where your money goes when you buy a license and fishing gear.  Click the picture below.  Note: All illustrations and photographs have been furnished by Florida FWC and FloridaFishing.Pubbly.com